Lyuban Museum of People's Glory

The museum was founded in 1968. The first exposition was opened on 3 July 1971. In 2003, the grant of the Minsk Region Executive Committee helped to found the branch "Luban Museum of Traditional Crafts and Trade". The museum fund consists of 31242 items (by 1 January 2021). Among them, there are bone tools of the late Neolithic period, the coin treasure of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (the 16th - early 17th centuries), graphic works and sculptures, works of fine and decorative applied arts, ethnographic materials, etc. The priority activity of the museum is the work with children. The "Museum+" complex of museum educational programs and projects was developed for children of different age groups; it includes the program of museum classes "Land over Oressa", the educational project "How Our Ancestors Lived". For senior school students, there is the educational project "Zyslov Call Sign".